General Terms & Conditions

Updated 29th November 2022

Rate rise notice effective January 2023

  • Our hourly general rate for basic web services for new customers, and any new projects for existing customers will be $125 + GST (25% increase)
  • For customer’s existing projects in this category, the rate will increase 10% to $110 + GST
  • This rate for existing projects will continue to increase 10% annually until it matches the general rate
  • If you have a volume discount, the increases will be applied as a percentage on your current rate
  • This change only affects our general rates for basic web services, specialist or custom work will still be subject to different rates – any existing contracted rates for these services won’t be changing at this point

General Terms and Conditions

Trading Terms: Strictly Net 30 days for approved customers. We may request first time customers remit 50% of contract in advance. The remaining amount will be invoiced as contracted

Deadline & Approval Process: If the contract states a delivery date, it is dependent upon timely receipt of a 50% deposit. The date is also conditional on prompt responses from the signatory to requests for information, data and approvals. We provide guidance on these deadlines in our deadline agreement, which is drawn up and agreed upon after this contract is signed. A ‘prompt response’ is defined as a satisfactory response that is received by Sequence Digital within 24 hours of a request being made between the hours of 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday. The 24 hour period for requests made outside these times will begin from the next weekday at 8am. We reserve the right to move the deadline back if communication has been slow.

Scope creep: If the scope of a project changes more than 15% during the build process we reserve the right to move to charging on a per-hour basis for works performed over and above the 15% mark, if the reason for the extra work is changes to the scope of the project. We measure this by tracking all time spent on the project in 15 minute increments at a rate of $100 per hour + GST.

Hosting Renewal: We will send you an annual invoice for the following 12 month period. If you do not intend to continue we will remove the site from our servers no less than 30 days after the date you indicate you no longer require hosting. We will also export your site inline with the Site Portability clause.

Hosting Fees: Sequence Digital will maintain the rates on which this contract has been based for 2 years from the date it was signed as long as you remain within your storage and bandwidth tier. Fees beyond this period may be subject to change.

Hosting Limitations: You may only host sites that we have created on our server. We do not allow other designers or admins access to our server as it may compromise our security, server capacity and our desire to maintain a clean and functional environment for our clients.

Domain Renewals: Australian (.au) domain names are registered for a minimum of 2 years as directed by the Australian Domain Registry. If we registered your domain name for you, we will contact you when it’s time for renewal and invoice you the amount along with that year’s hosting fee.

External Domain Renewals: If you registered your own domain name, it’s essential that you are aware of renewal dates and manage those fees to keep it current. Although your site won’t be lost by a lapsed domain registration, there may be additional fees, as well as site downtime which we cannot be held liable for.

Cancellations and Refunds: For clients hosting with Sequence Digital, the first 12 months of hosting are provided free as added value. The initial fee you are paying is a service fee for site setup and is strictly non-refundable. All cancellations require 30 days advance notice in writing. This allows us time to prepare your site export inline with the Site Portability clause. Hosting refunds will be given for full calendar months that have been charged beyond the final cancellation date.

Domain Transfer: We can assist you to move your domain to another provider only if you give us more than 30 days notice before the end of the 2 year period that you wish to move your domain. If you do not provide adequate notice we cannot guarantee that your domain will be able to be transferred by us and you may need to make your own arrangements for re-purchasing your domain.

Site Portability: Your site may be part of a multi-site installation which helps us keep costs down and increase security. Because of this we do not export full intact sites. We do, however, attempt to make the transition to another developer possible by providing you with a zipped archive containing an XML export of your page content and associated files, where it is possible to extract them. This does not include additional content that is not part of standard posts, nor does it include plugins and settings. We also cannot provide you with email backups if the have been stored on your server.

Email Limitations: We do not provide email services. We will not make arrangements to have a domain’s CNAME or MX Records set to an Exchange or other server unless stated and discussed prior. We are not responsible for lost or undelivered data and you are responsible for making local backups of all email data and maintaining a backup email address with another provider before signing up with Sequence Digital.

Server Uptime & Backups: Although we aim for 99% uptime on our web and any email services we cannot be held responsible for breaks in service. We aim to keep planned breaks in service outside of business hours and make reasonable attempts to notify you in advance via email. We also aim to keep disturbances to a minimum by hosting our data on high-quality servers, however we cannot provide any guarantee against downtime. This may include, but is not limited to external attacks such as hacking, denial of service attacks, data traffic problems at either the server centre or at your premises or downtime caused by the activity of any of our client on their sites that may affect other clients. We make all attempts to run regular data backups at server level however your website, website data, and email is not guaranteed against loss or damage.

Updates: The publishers of the core WordPress software, and 3rd party plugins and themes release software updates from time to time. As part of your hosting agreement Sequence Digital will apply these updates within a reasonable timeframe. There are times however that updates may be skipped or delayed and these choices are at our discretion. This is usually due to, but not limited to, compatibility issues that need to be taken into account.

Liability: You are solely responsible for the impact of downtime, data loss or security breaches, as well for the content that is on your site. If any image or text infringe on copyright, a trademark or anyone’s intellectual property you are solely liable for any action taken legally due to it.

Search Engine Optimisation: Although care is taken to use best practice to increase your chances of being listed in Search Engines, appearing in a search for your business name or given keyword cannot be guaranteed as this is a complex process reliant on many external factors. For improved search results you will need to employ an SEO strategy such as regular tweaking and adding of relevant content.

Content Limitations: We will not provide hosting services for any adult product, pornographic, escort service or other material that is not suitable for viewing by those under the age of 18. We reserve the right to remove any site at our discretion and without warning if we feel that site does not meet acceptable standard of decency.

Alcohol & Gambling: We will not provide hosting or email services for gambling services or any business that promote irresponsible service or irresponsible consumption of alcohol, illicit drug use or the sale of products that are prohibited in any state or territory in the Commonwealth of Australia.

Right of Refusal: We reserve the right to refuse to provide email, hosting or design services at any time for any reason without explanation to any business or individual.

Updates to terms and conditions: These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time. At that time you will be notified via email.