Sequence Digital – About Us

Sequence Digital is a digital agency with a creative team of highly capable professionals that have a background in traditional commercial media and digital communications. We’ve formed as a result of our passion for media and technology and are focused on helping businesses utilise tools that let them communicate better and grow faster.

IT vs Digital Media

Sequence Digital’s view of the world is that underneath the technical maze of devices and servers are people trying to create, gather and share information and ideas. This creates a separation between the technical IT world and the media layer that runs atop it, which is made up of text, images, videos and interactive elements such as games. We sit in the digital media camp, working with you to create engaging websites and promotional campaigns. We can also help you manage your social media presence.

Tectonic shifts in media and communications

The Internet is set to be the dominate medium for global communication. At some point in the not too distant future even traditional forms of media and communication will primarily be delivered via the Internet.

Take newspapers as an example. They are still newspapers at their core however the delivery of the information they create each issue has shifted from being consumed predominately on paper to predominately via the internet. On tablet computers the experience can be extremely close to paper, but it is still being delivered to that device via the Internet.

Sequence Digital is watching closely as the same shift plays out for TV, radio, films, telephones, billboards and all other forms of information delivery.

What does this mean for business?

There is a tremendous opportunity for businesses of any size to capitalise on these shifts. That’s because for the first time in history individuals and small groups are empowered to create their own high quality media and build up their own audience. It means businesses need to think with a media mindset. That’s where Sequence Digital comes in.

Owned, Earned and Paid media

There are three types of media that a business has available to let people know about their products and services. Sequence Digital is able to assist you at each step of the way.

Owned media is your brand’s core. It’s your website, shopfront, brochures, banners, cars, social media pages, uniforms and anything else with your logo or information on it that you own. The importance of each element varies depending on industry and who you serve however a website is now almost universally central to all businesses owned media strategy.

Earned media is what people are saying about you. Good or bad it’s the stuff that sticks because it’s peer-to-peer word of mouth endorsement from an independent, trusted source. Word of mouth has always been the best marketing and recently it’s evolved from face-to-face and on the telephone to a plethora of social Internet based communication mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blogs and forums.

Paid media is all the media you pay for to access other people’s audiences. This covers all of the traditional media, plus sponsorships of local clubs, ads on websites and paid search engine results such as a Google ad.

How Sequence Digital can help

The interesting thing about the digital and social media revolution is that it is better leveraged when you have an appreciation of the fundamentals behind the long established traditional media. This is something that differentiates Sequence Digital from the rest.

Sequence Digital is all about taking this knowledge and applying it in the new world, working with you to create the perfect digital media marketing mix. We’re focused on demystifying the online world and helping you capitalise on the opportunities that are available. Whether it’s building and improving your owned media, or taking the next step with social and paid strategies, we can help. We always try to start with a face-to-face or phone conversation, so please click the button below to book a free 30 minute consultation. You’re also invited to try our instant quote tool to get an instant ball-park figure on your project.