Sequence Digital – Our Work in Clean Technology

Sequence Digital’s Work in Clean Technology

Since 2018 we have worked in partnership with the City of Greater Geelong to develop software to assist them in managing the operations of their Garden Organics Processing Facility in Anakie. This innovative site takes in all the green waste from residential green bins and processes it into high quality compost which can then go back out on to the land, for example in landscaping around parkland and on farms.

The following year we created a prototype outdoor industrial temperature monitor for the site. They were robust, solar powered and internet connected with extremely simple and reliable operation at the core of their design. Our remote monitoring system linked up with the operations software helping the CoGG team to monitor the internal temperature of their large stockpiles of compost – which can get quite hot and become a fire risk if not managed correctly!

We then were successful in our application to the City of Greater Geelong’s Cleantech Innovations Geelong program which allowed us to take the prototype through a redesign to meet required Australian regulatory standards for electrical goods.

The hardware project now has its own trading name and website. Find out more about Rhino Instruments at